Ferrari World Rides

Rides of Ferrari World

Formula Rossa

It’s the world’s fastest rollercoaster with a speed of 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds and heart-racing heights of 52 metres. 

Scuderia Challenge

Max your F1™ potential on this advanced simulator used by Ferrari. Arrive early to sign up for this timed attraction!

Karting Academy

Sharpen your racing skills on a 290-metre-long track. Timed attraction, so arrive at the Park early to sign up!

Flying Aces

Inspired by the legendary aviator, Count Baracca. Scale 63m at a 51-degree incline, hit 120 km/h, and enjoy the world’s highest

Fiorano GT Challenge

Race friends on twisting parallel tracks in a Ferrari F430 Spider. The circuit is based on real GT courses – hit speeds of up to 95km/h!

Turbo Track

Ready to #TurboTrack? Experience the rush of back-to-back thrills, a vertical climb, an epic zero gravity fall.

Driving Experience

Experience the thrill behind the wheel of a Ferrari! Top down, buckle up and drive on with a trained instructor.

VR Challenge

Take on a friend in a shared 3D virtual competitive driving environment that challenges you to the extreme.

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